The Amsterdam India Alliance

A blog by Wouter de Vries, owner at Damrep.

A year and a half ago I founded Damrep. I believed Indian travellers deserved more effort from local tour operators then they were receiving now. I decided to specialize myself in bringing Indians to Amsterdam

Maybe I got lucky, maybe I stepped in at the right time, but right after I started my company, Jet Airways announced having direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Amsterdam and back! 3 days after their first flight, I got my first BIG group of Indians in Amsterdam: 220 hair salon owners and manager invited by L’Oreal India for 5 days. If this would be the marker for what’s to come, my year would be good!

I’ve had many different encounters with Indians the last year, From eating all kind of different (and very spicy) dishes up to teaching how to say ‘Hurry up’ in Hindi, and meeting so many different Indian people, I can say I genuinely love the Indian culture. My hope is to also give a little bit of my culture back to my clients when in Amsterdam.

At one of the biggest travel fairs in Europe I met Wim van Meerveld, currently General Manager at Lovers. If there ever would be one person as enthusiastic about India as I was, it would be Wim. At that time Wim was General Manager at one of the biggest Coach rental companies in the Netherlands called OAD. The two of us immediately were on the same page: Get all the big guys in Dutch tourism like Madurodam, Keukenhof and Heineken together and team up for the same cause: Bring Indians to Amsterdam! Thus, the Amsterdam India Alliance was born!

Currently the Amsterdam India Alliance counts 12 different organisations, all dedicated on bringing Indians to Amsterdam. Damrep as the tour operator along with ITO, OAD doing the coaches and all attractions necessary to suit your needs. As an exclusive partner, all Damrep requests and trips will be done with our partners at the Amsterdam India Alliance.

If you are interested in travelling to Amsterdam, give me a call or send me an e-mail on

Wouter de Vries