More and more Indians travelling to Amsterdam


Last year, a surprisingly high amount if Indian travellers found their way to the Netherlands, according to information published by the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions. With an increase of 30%, 130.000 Indian Travellers visited the Netherlands, India is the country showing the largest growth in Dutch Tourism.


According to Holland Marketing, one of the main reasons for this growth is the  increase in flight capacity on the Flights from India to Amsterdam. Indian airliner Jet Airways started daily flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Amsterdam since March 2016. Also the increase in advertising in India by the Netherlands is bringing more travellers to Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


The main expectation for 2017 is a continuing increase of tourism from India to the Netherlands. Besides India, Indonesia is also an expecting growing source of tourism. Japanese tourism to Amsterdam and the Netherlands will most probably stabilize as l lot of Japanese travellers cancelled their European trips due to fear of terrorism.


Source: AT5

Wouter de Vries