Seeing 3 capitals in 7 days. Possible?

When you are planning your next escape from the monsoon, or doing some serious ‘cooling down’, you might want to consider western Europe. That’s right, Netherlands, Belgium and France, or for firsttimers: Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris. Nowadays Jet Airways flies daily from Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi to Amsterdam and back, and there are the same flights directly to Paris. So why don’t you do the 3 countries in one week?


How do you Manage?



1.     Plan ahead and get a bargain!

Last-minute decisions will not work in Europe. As a European I can tell you the closer to your travel date, the more expensive it will get. I would arrange your flight tickets, train tickets (More about that later) as early as you can, along with your hotel overnights. That will be a massive saver! For actual hotel rates, have a look here!


2.     Book on the outskirts

In Amsterdam it’s usually easier to get rooms and attractive rates on the outskirts of the city. Keep in mind this city is quite smaller than most capitals. If you are on the vicinity of the Peripheral road (The Ring), you are still closer to Dam Square than if you would go from Covent Garden to Victoria Station in London. And then you would still be in Westminster!

Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam are all very well connected to the Public transport system. In Amsterdam you can buy a GVB card for approx. Eur 8,- per day to get around by tram, metro and bus, and that will bring you everywhere. In Paris, most city cards will include a train ticket and a day pass for the RER, Metro and other lines. 


 3.     Take a Hop on Hop of tour

The easiest and nicest way to navigate through the cities is on a Hop on Hop off bus. You can buy the tickets for Eur 25-35 euros per 24 hours, and they give narration on all important sights. Usually the best if you want to see a city quickly. Click here for our Hop on Hop off tickets.


4.     Travel by train

Between Amsterdam and Paris there is a Bullit train service called the Thalys. This is the quickest way to get through Europe and save time. The journey from Amsterdam to paris takes approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes and it’s considered a very comfortable trip itself. Because it’s a train service, your check-in goes way quicker! Click here for the website of the Thalys train

2 important things:-      

Book well ahead: The earlier you book, the cheaper. The cheapest rates can be Eur 35,- per person if you book on time. If you book a few days in advance, prices can be up to Eur 140,-.

Come on time: The trains run on a pretty tight schedule, so please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes earlier, so you can load your suitcases, find your seats and board comfortably.


5.     Step out of your comfort zone and discover!

The Netherlands, Belgium and France are very safe countries. Perfect for you to go exploring yourself. Some of the best hidden gems are found when you get off the beaten track! But still be sensible: Where there are lots of people, there are also people trying to profit from that. Always be sensible of pickpockets, and in Amsterdam, stay of the red lanes, they are for bicycles. On culinary parts, I would also advice to be bold! Dig in to some Belgian Waffles in Brussels, or try some haute cuisine in Paris. Even try the fried food ‘out of the wall’ at a FEBO in Amsterdam!


We at Damrep know how to manage in Europe. We can make you easy ready-made packages or help you out with just finding the separate products. We have made a webshop for the Amsterdam part, and soon will include Brussels and Paris too! Click here for our ticket shop!

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