Netherlands wins the Eurovision Songfestival

For the fifth time in the competition’s history, The Netherlands has won the Eurovision Song Contest with contestant Duncan Laurence (real name Duncan de Moor from Spijkenisse in South Holland!) and his fantastic song, Arcade. As a result, the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will take place here in the Netherlands! The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the continent’s most popular cultural events and this year’s competition was watched by an estimated 182 million people!

With next year’s competition coming to the Netherlands, excitement is already building in the country. And for visitors and music fans coming to the songfestival in 2020, Holland is the perfect location to combine enjoying next year’s competition with all the other great things to do in Holland.

There will be a huge range of things to do during the Eurovision 2020 here in the Netherlands and the Dutch are sure to rise to the occasion, creating a country-wide party atmosphere – if nothing else, we love an excuse to throw a party!

Things to do during the Eurovision 2020

If you’re planning to see the Eurovision 2020 in The Netherlands, this is a really fantastic time to visit the country. In addition to all the other things that people visit Holland for, an international music festival is a great excuse to visit one of Europe’s most beautiful and fascinating countries. If you’re visiting Holland next year, there will be plenty of things to do during the Eurovision 2020. Although it is unknown whether the song festival will be held in Amsterdam or another city, there is so much to do in this small country – with each city having a unique culture and vibe, and the whole of the country is set to go Eurovision-mad in celebration of the world’s favourite music competition taking place right here on our doorstep!

Whether you’re a huge music fan or just like the occasional sing-along, it’s a great excuse to combine seeing the world’s best song contest with a variety of other activities, from cycling and boat trips in Amsterdam, to day trips through the countryside. The Netherlands is one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations for a reason, and many people return time and time again to enjoy this culturally unique and beautiful country.

Eurovision 2020 Tickets

Although little information has been released thus far about next year’s competition, be sure to watch this space! We can’t wait for the Songfestival 2020 in Holland and we’ll be ready and raring to put on the best party in the competition’s history – and we certainly hope you’ll be joining us to celebrate!

Wouter de Vries